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Image We co-operate with several dozens of translators who are experts in various fields. Each order we receive we treat as specialist translation, and by doing so we care about the faithful translation of the interpreted text. When fulfilling particular order we select translators according to their competences and specializations in particular fields of translation. To ensure full correctness of the translated text we co-operate with specialists of various trades.

You may rest assured that each translation will be delivered within the fixed term and set your mind at rest that you will be served according to your expectations. Carefully selected team of more than a dozen proven translators are able to be up to highest expectations and fulfil hardest and most urgent tasks you set.

All our translations are strict subject to confidentiality clause. Any data concerning companies commissioning translations from us, personal details of our Clients and parties co-operating with them as well all texts for translation and their translations we consider strictly confidential. Our translators are obliged to keep strict secret, personal details sent to us on the form, via e-mail or fax, are used by us only for the purpose of order fulfilment and must not be used for advertising, marketing or any other purposes. 

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