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Image Specialist translations are the main area of our activity. We carry out translations keeping full compatibility with popular text editors available on the market. We use latest IT solutions enabling high quality graphic processing thanks to which translation is as faithful as possible.
For each order we ensure adjusting our offer to your requirements, by fixing fulfilment terms, cost of translation, method of payment and delivery of translation.For work we do we render guarantee.
Translators who work for us over non-certified specialist texts, apart from having knowledge of the source and target language have also content-related knowledge of the field the text concerns. 

Accompanying translations, in which the speaker after saying a few sentences makes a pause for the interpreter to interpret his/her words. That is why this kind of translation requires from the interpreter to be able to remember or quickly note down the content of the delivered fragment. In assessment of work of our interpreters, we take into consideration their skills and features predisposing them to such kind of work, which enables us to meet requirements of our clients.

A team of interpreters works in a soundproof booth and interprets statements of the speaker on the current basis, during their delivering by the lecturer.

Image Simultaneous translations are needed on conferences and meetings, that are partaken by many persons. Simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, taking turns more or less each half an hour. As one of most difficult translation tasks, simultaneous translations require from the interpreters performing them not only perfect knowledge of source and target language but the terminology as well. At Client’s request we may organize translation service of a conference or an event, providing both professional translators and the necessary equipment. We commission interpretations exclusively to experienced translators with proper qualifications, having experience in performing in public.

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